Etna Cableway Ticket


Mount Etna is the largest volcano in Europe. It reaches the height of 3357 meter over sea level. For its repeated eruptions over the last few years, it can be considered to be the most active volcano in the world. From its height 3357 mt. Mount Etna dominates the Island of Sicily, its 3 surroundings seas and the tip of the Italian Peninsula, Calabria. Mount Etna offers varied and captivating sightseeing opportunities with hundreds of external craters, formidable lava flows, forests, citrus groves and almost ever-green vineyards. All of which ignite both scientific interest and tourist enthusiasm the world over!. The Etna Cableway and Land Rovers make it possible to get to the top of the volcano for exciting summer excursions.

Excursions go to craters which have been authorized to visit.
Height of excursions may vary according to official authorizations.